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    Nitin Nagrale
    Integrating OPA with OEC
    Topic posted February 14, 2019 by Nitin NagraleGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Integrating OPA with OEC
    Do we have a built-in OPA connector for OEC


    Do Oracle provides an OPA built-in connector for integration with Oracle Engagement Cloud?

    OPA 18D



    • Donato Gagliarde

      Hi Nitin,

      there is a standard way of integrating OPA with Engagement Cloud.

      You can find the documentation in the OPA Guide here:  https://documentation.custhelp.com/euf/assets/devdocs/cloud18d/PolicyAutomation/en/Default.htm#Guides/Engagement_Cloud_User_Guide/Engagement_Cloud_connections/Connect_to_Engagement_Cloud.htm

      Hope that helps


      • Nitin Nagrale

        Hi Donato,

        Thanks for the update, That helped!



      • Venkat Tanneru

        Hi Donato - We have a scenario where OPA interview screen will be displayed in multiple channels like context experience cloud and mobile application. Data entered in OPA interview screen need to get stored in Oracle Engagement Cloud during submission.

        My question how the form elements of OPA interview gets pushed to engagement cloud? Engagement Cloud Data mapping is sufficient to do this? 

        Please note launch of OPA interview screen is not from Engagement Cloud

        • Donato Gagliarde

          Hi Venkat,

          I don't have a specific experience on this topic, however taking a look at the online OPA help here I see (https://documentation.custhelp.com/euf/assets/devdocs/cloud19a/PolicyAutomation/en/Default.htm#Guides/Engagement_Cloud_User_Guide/Getting_started_with_Engagement_Cloud/Get_started_with_Engagement_Cloud.htm):

          Using OPA within a customer facing interface:

          • Customers should be logged in as authenticated users (Contacts)



          So the condition to send data from OPA to EC using the standard mechanism is to have a logged user, I mean a user that exists as a Contact in EC.

          Also consider this point:

          The Engagement Cloud object mapped to the Global entity in OPA can only be updated. The creation of top level objects is not supported. For example, you cannot start an interview as a completely anonymous user not loading any data, and then create a new contact or opportunity.



          Probably in your scenario the way to send data from OPA to EC when the OPA interview is exposed in multiple channels could be:

          1. develop in a custom way an OPA connector (https://documentation.custhelp.com/euf/assets/devdocs/cloud19a/PolicyAutomation/en/Default.htm#Guides/Developer_Guide/Connector_Framework/Connector_framework.htm). 
          2. The custom connector saves data to EC using EC SOAP or REST api. For this purpose, for example, you can configure a dedicated user  in EC with sufficient privileges and the custom connector will log in EC with this user
          3. Interviews data are mapped out to the custom connector 


          Hope that helps






      We are using the below 2 products for our project:

      1) Oracle Policy Automation 19A

      2) Oracle Engagement/Sales Cloud - 19B


      • We want to integrate OPA with OEC & in our case, there is a SUBMIT button on one of the OPA screens, post which, the requirement is submit OPA interview attributes data into SalesCloud & it should create an object in SalesCloud.
      • In this case, we have created a custom object - "Interview_Question_c" in SalesCloud
      • PFA the OPA rulebase, where we have created output mappings for few of the fields in SC; requirement is when the user clicks on SUBMIT button in OPA interview, all the attributes that are output-mapped, their values should be submitted into SalesCloud for updating/creating a new record under custom object - Interview_Question_c
      • Please refer to the other document which shows the OPA-HUB connection setup


      • Currently, we are not encountering any error on SUBMIT inside OPA interview
      • But, it is also not creating any record under the custom object in SalesCloud; We had also tried to raise SR #3-20617996651, but they have suggested us to create an SR with ServiceRightNow.
      ROA.zip (1.2MB)
    • Dileep Karthikeyan

      Could you  map in ResponseMessage and ResponseStatus fields after Submit and see the error message Engagement Cloud is sending back.