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    Armagan Sahin
    Create Item in Product Development
    Topic posted November 15, 2017 by Armagan SahinRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Enterprise Quality Mangement, Product Development, Product Hub, Product Lifecycle Mgt Analytics, Public Sector, SCM, Tip 
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    Create Item in Product Development
    Error in creating an item


    I get the error in the added file when I tried to create an item in Product Development area. I noticed that there are two places to define an item : Product Information Management and Product Development.What is the difference between them and where is the path for defining items?





    • Narendra Yanamadala

      Hi Athena,

      You are getting this error probably because the Roles/Privileges to the user is not properly setup. In your screenshot , I noticed that the Name,Description,UOM fields look grayed out. These are required values for Item creation and the user does not have the required roles.

      You could create a new Item in PD or PIM , to what I know , PD is where you would create new parts , the PIM is more an MDM system allowing integration to downstream / upstream systems. PD deals with the design aspect of the Product where as PIM is more on the commercialization of Product.In order to make design changes to BoM Structure you would require Engineering Change Order to roll-up the revisions ( ECO ) , Similarly to make non-revision changes to BoM you would require a Non-Engineering Change Order( NRCO ). Both these change order types ECO and NRCO are available on the PD . Where as PIM facilitates change orders for commercialization of BoM. 


      Hope this Helps.