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    Abhilasha Singh
    Open Modal Dialog not working on second call from an action...Answered
    Topic posted October 10, 2019 by Abhilasha SinghRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged JET 
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    Open Modal Dialog not working on second call from an action chain.
    Open Modal Dialog not working on second call from an action chain.

    Requirement is to display values returned from a rest service in a dialog containing table with the details. this action is implemented on value change event of an input text. it works well for the first time. wherein for the second time it opens the dialog for a sec and gets closed with a warning. Below is the code snippet from JS and JET.

    JS: PageModule.prototype.openDialog=function(){
        PageModule.prototype.closeDialog = function(){


    <div id="dialogWrapper">
      <oj-dialog style="display:none" id="modalDialog1" dialog-title="Item" autoopen="false" dir="auto">
        <div slot="body">
    <div class="oj-flex">
      <oj-table summary="Sample Table" scroll-policy="loadMoreOnScroll" id="oj-table--1889302292-1" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-12" data="[[$page.variables.getItemsQueryListSDP]]" columns='[{"headerText":"ItemNumber","field":"ItemNumber"},{"headerText":"ItemDescription","field":"ItemDescription"},{"headerText":"OrganizationCode","field":"OrganizationCode"}]' selection-mode.row="single" selection-mode.column="single" on-first-selected-row-changed="[[$listeners.ojTable18893022921FirstSelectedRow]]"></oj-table>
        <div slot="footer">
          <oj-button id="okButton" on-oj-action="[[$listeners.buttonOpenerOjAction]]">OK


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    Duncan Mills

    Does your application use the sample Oracle SaaS R13 Light Theme Template by any chance?