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    Huyen Nguyen
    How to use check on-hand availability function in sales...
    Topic posted April 18, 2018 by Huyen NguyenGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management, SCM 
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    How to use check on-hand availability function in sales order UI
    check on-hand availability

    Dear all,

    Currently, SI is deploying Order Management Cloud and they got issue with check on-hand availability within an inventory organization.

    Can you help us how to setup this function works like that: we just want to check on-hand availability within one org. We have multiple orgs which have FG. But when creating SO, we just supply from one org and we want just to check on-hand at the supplied org.


    Thanks so much,




    • Sanjay Sharma

      Hi ,

      Mean you have multiple orgs but want to see only one org's on-hand availability ?

      Kind Regards,



    • Srichakradhar Janapati

      Hello Huyen,

      Are you using GOP?

      If Yes, then You can create available-to-promise (ATP) rules and allocation rules to define how the items on fulfillment lines are promised by the order promising engine. ATP rules and allocation rules enable you to govern the behavior of the order promising engine. You can configure different types of rules and assign them in various ways to items and organizations to enable you to get different behavior for different items. You create sourcing rules, and assign the sourcing rules to assignment sets, to define your supply sources (in your case, the FG inv Org) 
      The order promising supply chain availability search results determine the best location, based on the product and order request date, from the locations specified in the sourcing rules.

      Best Regards,


    • Balaji Narasimhan

      HI Huyen,

      From your query, I understand that the same FG item is available in multiple warehouses but you would want to fulfill this order for the given FG from a specific warehouse. Is that correct? Any specific business case as to why this is done?

      When you are using GOP, this engine helps determine the appropriate sourcing based on the sourcing rules and if your requirement is to have this always sourced from a given warehouse, you may be able to define item specific sourcing as the granular sourcing rule.

      You may also try out these options:

      - To get on-hand information for different warehouses, after you submit the order, you may navigate to the Fulfillment view  - Fulfillment lines tab and for the given Fulfillment line highlighted, click on the Analytics expandable button below the Fulfillment line region. Here, you would see item availability for different warehouses as a graph/chart illustrated.

      - You may also get the item availability report for different items from the GOP application.

      Hope this helps,

      Best Regards




    • Jim Van Tongerloo


      I'm having the same issue. No data is retrieved.

      I tried setting up the following already, I followed thisguide: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=2207137.1

      - Manage Planning Source Systems
      - Manage Sourcing Rules
      - Manage Assignment Sets
      - Manage ATP Rules

      Still no luck.. This seems like a complex setup just for the system to check if item X is available in warehouse Y.