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    Deepak Padhy
    Global Procurement SFO Set up and Flow.
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Deepak PadhySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Cost Management 
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    Global Procurement SFO Set up and Flow.
    Global Procurement SFO Set up and Flow.

    Attached document explains the global procurement concept and it's set up and execution flow. Hope it will be helpful in understanding global procurement. Appreciate your response and suggestion on this.





    • Gopinath Kartheesan

      Good document with examples and screenshots

    • Iulia Rusu

      Hi Deepak / other colleagues,

      Thank you for the quick response.

      I am finding your pdf really useful, but I/we would like to add some integration points to our flow:

      •        1st the PO between our entities (customer and enterprise if we are considering the drop shipment, as per the below link and documentation fragments) needs to come via a Web Service, from an external system and the supplier needs to send the shipment directly to the customer. We’ll have a virtual warehouse/inventory within the enterprise, not a real one.

      here I’ve thought of integrating the drop shipment order fulfillment integration in Procurement, please see Procurement Role in Drop Ship

      •        2ndI know that the drop ship can be managed by the Supply Chain Financial Orchestration (SFO) application, as per the Cloud_ERP_Enterprise_Structures_v1.3, pag. 21 for e.g. – but in here, I/we should establish the SFO flow between our customer and our enterprise? As we would like to have the Intercompany Invoice between the two.

      I would really appreciate your view on this as I did not have the chance to test a flow of this type. 

      Thank you very much,


    • Shyam Singh Patel

      Hi Deepak,

      Could you please help me on ICO AR invoice error in ICO Procurement flow?