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    Multiple discounts using more than one discount list
    Topic posted October 24, 2019 by DANIEL BARRANTESGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Multiple discounts using more than one discount list
    is possible to apply more than one discount list to the same item?

    I have multiple price strategies each one has one price list and one discount list that apply to all items. Additionally, we want to create and additional discount list that applies for a subset of items and for a specific period of time. However, after adding the second discount list to my strategy, OM is only applying the discount from one of the discount lists - the item-specific one. 

    Is it a normal behavior or is it possible to have more than one discount list per strategy.??


    Pricing Strategy: Corporate Pricing Strategy

    Price list A: Item ABC  price is $ = 76.74 case of 6

    Discount list:

       - Discount list A = All items 10% discount

       - Discount list B  =  item ABC 4% discount

    An order is created and only the discount list B is applied.

    76.74 - 3.07 (4% discount only) and we need 10% to be applied as well.

    We are expecting that both discount lists be applied.

    any suggestion?


    Daniel B.








    • Shyam Singh Patel

      Hi Daniel,

      it works within the discount list only. across the discount list, it does not work. ​I also had the same requirement earlier.
      but you can Apply Stacked / Compound Discount to an Order Line based on Base Price and List Price

      @Vivian Lee can provide more input on this.


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