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    FormButton widget inactive on AAQ page
    Topic posted January 19, 2009 by JoeMignano Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    FormButton widget inactive on AAQ page

    I apologize if maybe I've missed something simple (I'm a fairly novice web designer), but I'm having trouble with the FormButton widget on my newly built Ask a Question page on our company's November '08 upgrade test site. While the rest of the page seems to function properly after putting it to my Dev site (and after deploying to Production), even after filling in/selecting all required fields, the FormButton widget seems to be inactive...or broken -- if the link is moused over, the mouse cursor doesn't even switch to a hand cursor (in IE7, FF3, or Safari). Here is a link to the page:


    I've set the "login_required" meta attribute to "false" to test the page. I'm not using any custom widgets on this page, either.


    Any advice would be a lifesaver! Thanks-

    -Joe M.



    • Ernie Turner

      I took a look at your page (thanks for having a live preview, that helped out a bunch!), and I can see this code



      <div class="dottyline"> <img style="width: 100%;" src="/euf/assets/images/spacer.gif"/> </div>


      When I inspect that image element using Firebug, its covering up a good portion of the bottom of the screen, including the 'Continue' link. This is because of the "width: 100%" style that you have on that image. If you remove that style tag, everything appears to work.


    • JoeMignano

      Oops. Well, besides feeling pretty silly, I'm very grateful! Changing the width attribute fixed it in a jiffy. Thanks so much!


      -Joe M.