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    Sandra Cantor
    Integration between Digital Assistant and OSvC chat
    Topic posted June 7, 2019 by Sandra CantorGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Bots 
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    Integration between Digital Assistant and OSvC chat
    Is it possible to have all the functionality from OSvC chat from the chatbot page?


    We are implementing the integration between DA and Oracle Service Cloud chat. The thing is we noticed that we are loosing some functionality from Oracle service cloud chat_landing.php (like Chat Off the Record, send files to the human agent or pop up the chat survey) with this integration.

    If we are in the chatbot page called from a website and then the chat bot passes the chat to a human agent, the conversation remains in the same page the customer was chatting with the bot, so we are not going to have the other buttons the OSvc chat has.

    Is that true? Is there any other way we can approach this integration between the DA and OSvc Chat?

    Thank you,