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    Minna Muikku
    Hiding the PO amount from the PO output (pdf)
    Topic posted June 27, 2018 by Minna MuikkuSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To 
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    Hiding the PO amount from the PO output (pdf)
    How to handle cases when we don't want the supplier to see the PO total amount


    we have a business cases when we don't want the supplier to see the total amount of the PO. Is there any way how to hide it? The reason I posted this to Self Service Procurement forum, not Purchasing, is that we hope to find a solution that can be done by the requester (without buyer's manual work)

    For example, we order some construction work. We want to create the PO for a sum of 50000,00 EUR (estimate), but we don't want that the supplier sees the sum we have "reserved" for this work. 

    Now we use a workaround that in these cases the buyer will disable the communication method when processing the requisition  nand creating a PO, so that the PO is not sent to the supplier at all. But we would like to find a solution where the SSP Requester could be able to somehow either hide the total amount by himself, OR prevent the sending of the PO, so that we wouldn't need buyer in between. Then we could skip the buyer and speed the process. 

    Anyone else having this kind of business cases? If yes, how have you tackled them? All help is appreciated!



    • MANISH S

      Hi Minna,

      A Contract Purchase Agreement can be created with the required supplier. In this agreement document controls section, enable the options for automatic document creation and auto submission for approval so that PRs to this supplier will get auto-processed to POs without buyer intervention.

      To restrict the mail to supplier, you can set the communication method as Print/ Fax in supplier master for the required supplier site so that mail will not be sent to supplier.


    • Ashok


      Have you tried the recommendation from this customer above?

      I was also interested to understand what business use cases require a requester to do this? Are these requesters advanced requesters who understand how this needs to be done and can make that call on a case to case basis? I have not heard this from other customers. It is interesting to know more about the business scenarios here. 

      I do hope other customers chip in with their thoughts


    • Alan

      Hi Ashok,

      I have run into use-cases for services where you get billed by usage monthly. For these use-cases, you might have a certain budget set aside, but do not want the supplier to know that. It would be useful for the requester to be able to check a box at the time of PR creation to withhold sending the PO Amount, once the PO is created. It does not make sense to have to keep toggling the PO Transmission settings on a supplier by supplier basis.



      • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

        Hi Ashok,

        I agree with Alan on his comments. Most of the public sector clients will be needing this functionality where they would like to hideor mask  the budgeted amount on the PO while sending to suppliers.



        • Minna Muikku

          Thanks Alan and Ashok

          that is exactly our use-case. We are a public sector client and the cases Alan described are the ones we are facing regularly. 

          Nice to hear we are not alone with this issue!


    • Ashok

      Thank you all for your active participation.

      I will transfer this topic to the Purchasing forum for further review.


      Please review.

    • Ashok

      Also Minna

      I think it would be good if you create this as an Idea. Ideas are where enhancements are reviewed.

      • Alan

        Hi Ashok,

        Does Oracle take into consideration what other companies are doing with their Procurement systems, where most of the discussions we are having about functionality is standard out of the box?


    • Ashok


      Yes. We certainly aim to provide functionality that meets the customers business requirements. Inputs come in from customers like yourselves either based on the systems that you have used with a specific feature or function or through our analysis and strategy team's inputs based on what is out there in the market and other factors including feasibility and how critical the requirement is for a large band of customers.

      We tend to discuss functionality out of the box to see how that can be used to meet the business requirement but that is also why we have the Ideas Lab where new ideas based on the various aspects you highlight are also discussed and brought to notice.

    • Minna Muikku

      I have posted this to idea lab, please go vote if you think this would be a good functionality, Thanks!