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    Mahesh Kumar
    Integration of Cloud SCP and Oracle EBS using Web Service -...
    Topic posted November 13, 2019 by Mahesh KumarGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged API, Cloud, Connection, E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, Integration, REST, SOAP 
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    Integration of Cloud SCP and Oracle EBS using Web Service - Challenge
    How to download files from UCM directory using Java or PLSQL

    I am trying to integrate the Oracle SCP with Oracle EBS 12.2.5 using ErpInteration WebSerive fscmService/ErpIntegrationService.

    I am calling the SOAP action getDocumentsForFilePrefix to download the zip files from UCM account. I getting the response as but it is a multipart HTTP response - 1st part is XML document which has the document details like document name, document id, document account, etc and 2nd part is zip file binary format.

    I want to know how to handle this multipart response from Web Service? How to separate the multipart response.

    Any help on this is highly appreciated.

    Let me know if anyone has the code to do this either Java or PLSQL.

    Please refer the attachments for more details.