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    Chetan Ullal
    Can we use one Supplier Site across multiple BU's
    Topic posted October 1, 2018 by Chetan UllalGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Supplier Profile Management 
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    Can we use one Supplier Site across multiple BU's
    Can we use one Supplier Site across multiple BU's

    In the Business Scenario below

    * 5 BU’s in the organization

    * Each BU is its own Requisitioning BU and Procurement BU.
    * supplier has a single physical address,
    * one supplier site assigned to Procurement BU-DAS
    * For this site the site assignments are made to all 5 BU’s
    * Internal Catalogs are created in the DAS BU and shared across all other 4 BU’s

    We are NOT using Centralized Procurement. Each BU is its own Requistioning and Procurement BU

    1. How can I create the requisition in the CSI BU for this supplier and supplier site setup , and have the Purchase order generated in the CSI BU?

    2. For this supplier and supplier site setup can we use the site associated with the DAS Procurement BU, to create and manage negotiations in the CSI BU?




    • Hong Gao

      When using centralized procurement, the site information including all the site level configurations are maintained on the procurement BU level.  There is no need to duplicate that across different BUs.  However, if the business need is such that configurations are quite different across different BUs, it's necessary to create and manage different procurement business units.  And subsequently, managing the site information differently for different procurement BUs.  For your questions above,  you can create requisition and then purchase order for the same BU so long as the user has proper procurement agent setup.  When user creates a negotiation, it's required to pick a BU.  If CSI BU is picked, then only those sites that are associated to the BU will show up.