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    Searching for Activities in Mobile App
    Topic posted June 5, 2017 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Searching for Activities in Mobile App

    We are using not ordered activities in the system so that mobile techs can use their discretion when starting and completing activities in OFSC.  However, their may be other activities either in the bucket or on someone else's route for another day and if I am currently working on an activity in the field that may have other activities in the system that I can perform since I am already onsite.  I know in manage their is a way to search for other activities and possibly search on a custom property and have noticed that the mobile users do not have this same search.  The mobile techs that are onsite are the only ones that would have knowledge about the availability of the what is available to be repaired.  This is not a standard use case in that they are not going house to house for installations and that all activities/repairs are performed in a centralized location. How would I give the mobile techs the ability to search for other possible activities in the bucket or on someone else's route for possibly another day?

    Thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.




    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Todd,

      You need to give the parent bucket to the user under the users screen. Resource->users->modify user.

      Then open the mobility application and create a new group that has parent bucket access. Refer the screen shots attached. 


      You can keep self assignment as checked under the users screen. There is an option of View Nearby Activities in Mobility. The field technician can view the nearby activities and then can pick up the activities that the technician wants to do.

      Do share the results!


      Hardik Gupta

    • Todd

      Thanks Hardik for your input.  However, in this case the search nearby activities will look for activities near my location but want to be able to search a custom property/field for a specific activities from their mobile app. to find any other activities that may be for the same repair I'm doing now. I hope that makes sense.