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    Supplier login page in ERP cloud
    Topic posted April 4, 2019 by OptimusPrimeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Security, Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier User Account 
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    Supplier login page in ERP cloud

    Does anyone know if Oracle has the ability to provide separate login page for Suppliers vs Employees?  i.e: Have Federated SSO for  Employee and a regular signon page for Suppliers.



    • Shesh

      Hi OptimusPrime,

      Have you looked at these Note
      How to Bypass Federation SSO For Supplier Portal (Doc ID 2267292.1)
      Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal Users Get Redirected To SSO Login Page After Password Reset (Doc ID 2480253.1)


    • James Elliott

      We currently have the Chooser Login enabled for all. Does does anyone have a screen shot what the bypassed SSO Supplier Portal (Doc ID 2267292.1) login looks like ?