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    B2B and B2C contact
    Topic posted January 31, 2019 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Configuration and Administration, Service Request Management 
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    B2B and B2C contact
    How to handle a contact serving both purposes in OEC?
    Same contact as B2B contact and B2C customer

    I have come across a scenario where, a contact can be a B2C customer  as well as B2B Account's contact.   I would like to know how can this be handled.

    What I understand?

    Fusion Data model allows multiple usage assignment for a party.  I confirmed this by creating a contact of type 'Customer' and queried the HZ_PARTY_USG_ASSIGNMENTS table it has two record automatically  one with usage code Sales_Account and other with Contact.  This means for the same party record there are two usages. 

    In ZCA_SALES_ACCOUNTS and hz_person_profiles table it has only one entry with ZCA_SALES_ACCOUNT as the sales profile type.

    w.r.to Data model its practically true that same contact is having multiple assignments.

    From UI, how can we differentiate the two records? 

    In this case, there is only one contact record in the UI, this is how it should be.  IF I were to mention the same record as a business contact, I had to associate the contact with an Account, so I picked one Account in the Account DCL.   What I noticed was, in HZ_PARTY_USG_ASSIGNMENTS is, it created one more entry with code CUSTOMER_CONTACT.

    My Questions are:

    1. In Party usage assignments, difference between contact and customer_contact.

    2. Most importantly, how can we see the customer_contact record and customer record separately , as there is only one contact which is serving both the purposes.  ex: If I have to create an opty or SR for the B2C contact  specifically , I will choose contact field as the contact and at times I will have to create SR for the B2B contact associated to an Account (in that case both at Opty and SR I have to chosoe Account field also).   

    How exactly we can differentiate the single record having two usages in the UI wile creating transaction records?  (As the flow will be different for B2B and B2C)