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    David Zachar
    What is the purpose of the "Journal Display" field...
    Topic posted October 1, 2019 by David ZacharBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, General Ledger, Setup / Administration, Subledger Accounting 
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    What is the purpose of the "Journal Display" field in the RI spreadsheet
    What is the purpose of the "Journal Display" field in the RI spreadsheet

    I was hoping for some further clarity on the uses of the "Journal Display" field in the Transaction Information worksheet (in the Rapid Implementation upload spreadsheet)..See attachment

    In particular the comment states that this field is used to "display the source values for Journals on Reports and Inquiries". Does this mean that these fields are stored somewhere in the XLA tables (and available to be viewed as part of the GL drilldown). Would we know where these values are stored?!

    Moreover, does it mean that these fields are available to use when processing a Subledger Journal Entry (via the Create Subledger Journals in spreadsheet). In particular we would be interested in processing various FAH Adjustments via the spreadsheet loader (and would like to have a number of FAH Sources included in that spreadsheet).

    In the attached example, the fields PACKAGE_ID, CASH_COPIED_FLAG and CASH_FOR_EXPD_TRD_FLAG should all be populated as part of the manual adjustment so the hope is that these fields will be available if I populate the "Journal Display" with Yes.

    Thanks in advance





    • Suresh Kumarasamy


      It will be displayed under transaction details from Journal page, you can see the sample example screenshot.




      • David Zachar

        Thanks Suresh.. Thats extremely useful...

        Soes that mean the information is stored somewhere in the GL_JE_HEADERS table? 

        Does it also allow me to enter values into these fields when processing a manual Subledger journal? 



    • Miranda Ho

      Hi, David,

      These are also known as user transaction identifiers.  They are displayed only in certain subledger accounting report and ui.  Indeed, they are extract from accounting transaction view and are not stored in SLA or GL data model so you cannot enter these values for manual subledger journal.  If you need to store certain source value in the subledger accounting entries, I'd suggest to use subledger journal header or line description or supporting references.