Supplier Qualification Management

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    Nishen Naidoo
    Supplier Performance reviewers
    Topic posted May 23, 2017 by Nishen Naidoo, tagged Assessment, Qualification, Questionnaire 
    Supplier Performance reviewers
    Ability to add employees to rate suppliers - Dynamically

    SQM has the ability to create an RFI to gather information from the Supplier as well internal staff. When dealing with Businesses that span multiple geographies, The Supplier Administrator might not know who are all staff that deal with suppliers and might issue the RFI for example to the buyer, who in turn might want request that the receiving department complete the RFI,  they in turn might request Stock controller to complete the RFI and so on, creating a need to Dynamically add reviewers with approvals in place of course.

    This would create a more encompassing view of the Supplier and allow for better supplier management and optimization of business resources.