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    Susan Attar
    Introduction to Tax Accounting
    Topic posted December 5, 2017 by Susan AttarBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited December 6, 2017, tagged Analytics, Consolidation, Current Tax, Deferred Tax, Return to Accrual, Tax Account Rollforward, Tax Provision 
    Introduction to Tax Accounting
    This topic provides a basic introduction to tax accounting, and tax provisioning for Tax Reporting Cloud.


    This topic presents a brief introduction to answer some of your questions about tax accounting and Tax Reporting Cloud:

    - Where can I get a Tax 101 introduction to tax accounting to learn about enterprise tax provisioning for TRCS?

    - What is tax provisioning, and what are the accounting and income tax guidelines that TRCS supports?

    - What are the accounting for income tax guidelines for US GAAP, IFRS-IAS 12, and ASC 740 supported by TRCS?