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    Dev Thota
    How to hide "Release" and "Release and Pick...
    Topic posted August 20, 2019 by Dev ThotaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Electronic Records and Signatures, Manufacturing MDM, Manufacturing Analytics, OTBI, Production Execution, Production Scheduling, Public Sector, Tip, White Paper, Work Execution, Work Request Management 
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    How to hide "Release" and "Release and Pick Materials" using role customization
    How to hide "Release" and "Release and Pick Materials" using role customization

    Hi all,

    We have requirement like some users need to create work orders and other user release work order.

    We need to hide "Release" and "Release and Pick Materials" using role customization.



    Dev Thota.




    • Radhakrishnan Angappan

      Hi Dev

      Page Composer customization changes will be applied at “SITE” level. Currently, we don’t support user level or job role level customization in MFG.

      However, there is a possible workaround for this. We can use EL to conditionally set “Visible” property based on a custom role.

      Pl check this recording:


      The high level implementation steps are:

      1) Created a custom role with code “XXX_CUSTOM_PAGE_COMP”

      2) Use page composer to modify the “Visible” attribute of the button using following EL expression:


      3) If user is assigned with the role ‘XXX_CUSTOM_PAGE_COMP’, then the button will be visible. User without role ‘XXX_CUSTOM_PAGE_COMP’ won’t be able to see the button



      • Dev Thota


        We are able to hide "Release and Pick Materials" but are unable to hide "Release" and "Mass Actions".

        Please review the attached screenshot.



        Dev Thota.