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    Harsha S Kaundinya
    Does Oracle Auto Upgrade VBCS Version?Answered
    Topic posted October 9, 2019 by Harsha S KaundinyaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Action Flows, Layout, UI, Validation 
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    Does Oracle Auto Upgrade VBCS Version?
    Does Oracle Auto Upgrade VBCS Version?


    We were working on a VBCS Dev environment with version 19.1.3. Oracle has recently upgraded our VBCS Dev Environment to the latest version After this we have noticed some of the features have stopped working or more like an issue after the upgrade.

    Here are some questions we have and I request you to throw some light on them as we are facing issues post upgradation of VBCS version.

    1. How frequently Oracle performs update?
    2. Will our application design get impacted after every upgrade?
    3. How can we design upgrade safe code?
    4. Is there an option to prevent from automatic upgrade?
    5. What is the difference between VBCS in OIC and standalone VBCS?

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    Shay Shmeltzer

    Yes Oracle automatically upgrades your VB instance for you - we want you to be able to leverage the latest newest features.

    You could opt out of this automatic upgrade by opening an SR and requesting not to be upgraded in the future.

    Your published apps shouldn't be affected by those upgrades as we are not switching them to use new versions of VB or JET runtimes.

    An app will only change once you open it in the design time of the new version.

    There is now also an option for you to control which version of VB and JET Runtime is used by a specific app - so upgrades won't affect them either.

    See -