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    How to Configure Bank Accounts Dialog for Supplier...
    Topic posted October 30, 2019 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Customization, How-To 
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    How to Configure Bank Accounts Dialog for Supplier Registration Flows
    Steps to configure bank accounts dialog for supplier registration pages

    Use Case:

    Capturing supplier bank account information is important for on-boarding suppliers through supplier registration flows.  By default, Country and Account Number are required fields.  You would like to make additional attributes required during supplier registration. For example, your company policy requires that supplier bank accounts should always include account name information.


    Follow these steps to use page composer and make Account Name a required field for supplier registration flows.

    1. Navigate to supplier registration page/flow and Bank Accounts train stop.
    2. Create and enter a sandbox.
    3. Click Edit Supplier Registration Pages from the global menu


    4. Switch from the default Design View to Source View


    5. Click on Create button and click Edit on Confirm Shared Component Edit dialog


    6. In the components hierarchy panel (on the right in the screenshot above), locate the first popup component under panelGroupLayout: default.  This is the component for the Create Bank Account dialog.  The second popup component right below is for the Edit Bank Account dialog.  Select the first popup component and right click on Edit.


    7. On the Component Properties: popup dialog, change the Content Delivery to immediate. Click OK.



    8. You can now edit properties of any of these UI components belonging to the create bank account popup. Since the use case is to make the  Account Name required, locate inputText: Account Name in the list of the UI components and click to edit the property of the component.


    9. Make the field Required and click OK.

    10. Since the configuration on create bank account popup does not reflect on the edit bank account popup, you need to perform same steps for the edit bank account dialog as well. Locate edit popup using details in step 6 above and perform steps 7 to 9 for it. 

    11. Bank Account Name is then required for both Create and Edit Bank Account dialogs.




    12. Publish the sand box changes.

    Points to Consider:

    • After the configuration, Account Name is now required for all supplier registration flows, including both internal and external supplier registrations as the same dialog is shared between both flows.
    • You don't need to repeat the same steps for create and edit flows if the same popup is being used for both places.
    • You can follow these steps if you are not able to configure other dialogs in design view.