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    Data Import into custom object using lookup
    Topic posted July 19, 2018 by StevenO Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Data Import into custom object using lookup

    Hi All,

    We are trying to import into custom object external system data using the defined lookup field.  In our instance we have 2 custom objects one parent and one child.  The child is related to the parent CO table and to the contacts table.   We have already uploaded the data into the parent CO table and are trying to populate the child table.  The lookup of email works for the contact table, but the lookup for the parent CO table does not.  I get an 'invalid look-up value for field '<   >' which tells me this should be possible.

    Can anyone confirm if the above is possible or not with custom objects?  (i am hoping we don't to do id matches and multiple import for update/inserts)

    Thank in advance, Steven.

    OSvC 17D, (Custom Object, Data Import)



    • StevenO

      Hi All,

      A quick update on this.  I have worked out that the problem appears to be doing a lookup on a number.  My fields are text (char 16) and we store a number for the lookup, in my case a position number.  eg position number = 33333333.  

      My testing shows that if I make position number = Steven or A3333333 then the lookup works, but not for 33333333.  Thought might be a csv encoding problem and tried raping the number in quotes ("33333333"), still no luck.  Is there another trick to this?

      Scratching my head at the moment if this is a bug or not possible due to back end matching algorithm.  Thoughts?

      Thanks Steven