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    Anil Nair
    Self Approval Rules in Procurement
    Topic posted November 20, 2018 by Anil NairRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, How-To, Requisition Processing, Setup, Update Preparer and Requester 
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    Self Approval Rules in Procurement
    Self Approval Rules in Procurement

    We have setup requisition approval rules which are mostly single approver / multiapprovers in serial routing.No Supervisor or position hierarchy.

    User A ---Approver and Requester

    User B--Requester

    User C-- Preparer for User A (Requester)

    When User B raises a requisition it goes to User A for approval which works fine.But when User C creates a requisition on behalf of User A (Requester and Approver in this case) it still goes for approval to User A which is Self Notified.If User A creates a requisition it is self notified again to User A for approval.

    How can User A self approve such requisitions,PO where he is the requester and approver? this question is also applicable to invoice approvals 





    • Ashok

      Can you explain the business reasoning here? Why would you set up approvals where you are both the requester and the approver? 

      • Anil Nair

        The purchase requisition is self service module provided to everyone in the company, the approver also have access to raise requisitions.

        If he raises requisitions from his username to procure items related to his department.He should be able to create such requisition yet have the ability to self approve or route to his manager for approval.


        • Sumana Sarkar


          Is the requirement that system should be able to prevent self approval of requisition when the submitter of the requisition (i.e. Preparer) is also an approver?  If so, set the following Task configuration for ReqApproval  property should be set in BPM:

          • Skip creator for Approval List = Y

          When this option is set to “Y” and the requisition preparer is one of the approvers, the task will be routed to the next approver in the chain skipping the task assignment for the creator. For a single approver scenario, skipping task assignment for creator would mean the task outcome is set to reject unless there is another approver in the chain (or an auto approval rule) that approves the transaction. In such case, you can set the “Assign to Creator's Manager = Y”,  the requisition will be routed to his manager for approval.

          Thanks and Regards


    • Ashok

      I suppose to me that is somewhat unusual. That is why I wanted to know. Usually for any hierarchical level, you choose the next approver as at the manager. Routing to the manager as you suggest is what I have encountered, hence the question.

      Thanks for responding.