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    LPN Inventory Managment Cloud
    Topic posted February 20, 2018 by AsantingGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged How-To, Inventory Cloud, SCM, Setup 
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    LPN Inventory Managment Cloud
    LPN in Inventory Managment

    In Oracle Cloud Inventory module, LPN is not available during inventory transactions except for outbound process of sales orders.

    In the enclosed fact sheet I can read the LPN is available for inventory transactions in Oracle Cloud Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition.

    1. When will LPN will be available in Oracle Inventory Management?
    2. Is LPN already available in Oracle Cloud Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition?

    Does any body can help me?



    • Asanting
    • Lynn Warneka

      You can capture Packing Units (LPN's) as reference information in Oracle Inventory Management Cloud.  We do not allow movement throughout the warehouse by Packing Unit.  There aren't any current plans to have full robust LPN support available in Inventory Management Cloud.  You'll want to look at WMS Cloud if you need those capabilities.  They support LPN's.  For questions on WMS Cloud, please put your questions related to their product in that forum.  

      • Asanting

        Thank you very much for your answer. But this will not help my client because they  will not use WMS Cloud.


      • John Tolmachoff

        Can you clarify this point?  What is the proposed solution when both Inventory Management Cloud (IMC) and WMS Cloud (WMSC)?  If on the shelf inventory is being managed via totes, LPN's, etc. would these totes not need to be reflected in BOTH IMC and WMSC?  When a tote/LPN is moved, all the piece parts within the tote/LPN have to be moved together.  The scan may start in WMSC, but the transaction needs to be mirrored in IMC.  Especially if there is any type of nested serialization rolling up to the single scan. 

        Another consideration is there may be inventory organizations modeled in IMC which will NOT also require WMSC.  They do not need the additional capabilities enabled by WMSC.  These tote's/LPN's need to be transactable across the full solution.  Across every inventory organization.  

        One of many industry examples is in Utilities.  They may not require the capabilities of a WMS, but they heavily use prepackaged LPN's/Kits for basic electric or service installations.  The crew will grab as many kits as needed.  The consideration is all these parts need to be trackable individually.  They may pull a part from one kit to use in another kit.  Maybe the part was damaged or corrupted.   Or may provide a part to another crew.  Using MFG to kit these is not the right solution.  

        Point being, LPN's/Totes/non-MFG Kits are still required, regardless of WMS.  

        Thank you

    • Lynn Warneka
      1. Today, a WMS that has an LPN (or tote) will send the details of that LPN (i.e. all lots, serials, items, quantities) when it sends transactions to Inventory Management Cloud. Additionally, from a shipping, receiving and miscellaneous transaction perspective, WMS can send LPN details that will be recorded in Inventory Transaction History and reported to genealogy for lot and serial controlled items. 
      2. Currently, we don’t plan on building out LPN functionality in Inventory. We are, however,  planning on building out user-definable inventory on-hand and transactional attributes in the future (timing is TBD). They inventory attributes are capable of storing any kind of attribute that a customer wants to receive/track/segregate/issue inventory by. Think of it as a generic “lot” without any of the in-built functionality for managing lots. It just tracks and segregates the inventory by the attribute and plans to allow things like specifying that attribute on transactions such as sales orders, transfer orders, etc. to fulfill only by that attribute value as well as being supported on misc. transactions such as misc. issue.  Similarly on any receiving type of transactions, the attribute can be specified on misc receipts, production completions, PO receipts, TO receipts.
      3. If smaller/less complex facilities still would like to manage their inventory by LPN (or Tote), then there are a couple of options. Firstly, they can install WMS in those facilities as well but change the configuration to be much simpler. If they don’t need to manage by LPN, then they can use Inventory and the transfers from WMS Cloud Facility to the non-WMS - Inventory Cloud Org will still have the details of the quantity shipped in the expected receipt along with any lots or serials.