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    Helen Thomas
    Is there a way to find what reports/anaylsis are set up for...
    Topic posted June 8, 2018 by Helen ThomasRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged OTBI, Report Delivery, Reports, SQL 
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    Is there a way to find what reports/anaylsis are set up for Bursting?
    Is there a way to find what reports/anaylsis are set up for Bursting?


    I need to find out what reports/analysis have been created and set to burst out to employees, as we are having a change of email address, and i want to check there is no hard coding of addresses in them.

    Is there an easy way to find these please?

    Thanks in Advance





    • Julian Challenger

      Moved to OBIEE as this question is not specific to HCM.

    • Helen Thomas

      thanks Julian - sorry i posted in wrong place

    • Aravind Ragul

      Hi Helen,

      Is this an OTBI Report or a BI Report? Could you share some Screenshot of where you are checking for me to understand better?




    • Helen Thomas

      Hi Arav

      The problem I have is that I know there are some reports which burst out, but as I (and current team) did nto write them, I cant locate them - so I dont know if they are BI or OTBI.

      Being new to using OTBI and BI, I didnt know if there was something I could put in a search criteria to find them.

      I'll keep looking in meantime and if I come across one, I will add screenshots.



    • Fernando Ponte

      Hi Helen.

      I was not able to post a reply on your post. Other people have the same issue but looks like is solved now.

      You may try to find the answer for reports being used for bursting on a view called BIPUBLISHER_V within BI Platform repository schema.

      That view should be on the "IAU_VIEWER" schema in the repository database.

      There is an attribute there called BURSTING (boolean) that may help you find the reports being used for that purpose.

      This link will give you more information about the view.

      Hope this helps.