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    Mark Cordeiro
    Adding incident number to a message base
    Topic posted March 19, 2014 by Mark Cordeiro 
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    Adding incident number to a message base

     Greetings Everyone!

    I want to add the incident number to one of my custom message bases. I thought if I replicated the variable being used in other OOTB message bases I could get this done. Other strings use '%s' to render the incident number. However when I plugged in that variable it did not render. Any ideas as to what I need to do differently?

    This is my message:

    Thank you for contacting Your incident number is: '%s'.<br><br>We value your opinion and welcome your feedback. One of our Customer Care associates will respond to you soon.



    • Anuj Behl

      Hi Mark,

      You should be able to solve your purpose using this method. Are you substituting the value of %s with your incident number? %s in messagebases acts as a placeholder for string variables which can be dynamically inserted from code. So, you'll need to specify a variable (incident number in your case) which will replace %s in that message using sprintf php method.

      Hope it solves your issue.


    • Mark Kehoe

      Hi there,

      From what I can see you are trying to use message bases to respond to a customer - have you thought of using standard text instead?

      Just a thought...


    • Keri Jenkin

      Hi Mark,
      Just ran across this post while searching for something else. It's interesting that you want to add the Reference Number to a Custom Message Base. Are you using this within Message Templates? If you are, it may be easier to change the text and insert the Merge Fields directly in your Message Templates themselves. Remember that you can also leverage conditional sections in Message Templates, so you can show the applicable text and reference number in some cases, while keeping it hidden in other cases.

      I know you didn't post back, so one of the other suggestions may have helped you as well. I just wanted future readers to understand this is done simply in Message Templates for your response messages.

      Thank you,

    • J Smith

      can anyone has idea how message base triggered in RightNow, for example when an end user send any query by customer portal he/she get a message says : 

      Your question has been received."

      To access Your question from our support site, click here. (this is a link)"

      or when enduser reply or update his incident get a message from MessageBase database, however do we have any feature or table through which we can find on what event what notification need to be send.

    • Anurag Mittal

      Ajai, yes these are standard message notification which are sent to contact based on there activities. look at this doc for Contact email messages info.

    • J Smith

      Hi Anurag,

      Thanks for your response however the document doesn't tell the how the message base notification triggered to any incident. 

    • Anuj Behl

      Hi Ajai,

      If you are talking about incident receipt email that customer gets when they submit incident, it is triggered through business rules. Check here.

      - Anuj

    • J Smith

      i was talking about the notifications which sent from MessageBase database, thanks for the help i got the solution.

      Go into Configuration then go the the Site Configuration section there is the File Manager, then go to <Your Site Name> then Select Mail (Read Only) then select solved.php to be specific

    • Anuj Behl

      Hi Ajai,

      Glad you found the solution. However, I would like to point out that solved.php is mail script which is used for incident responses (such as when incident is in waiting or solved status). The Incident receipt notification (Your question has been received.....) which you were looking for earlier can be found in receipt.php file within the same path.

    • J Smith

      Hi Anuj,

      Thank you for your suggestion, i having bad day today getting an error while launching "Error loading settings from interface", i found the document regarding this in cx.rightnow but those instructions did not work for me. that's why i didn't explorer all phps under site configuration.

    • Keri Jenkin

      I'll add in again based on the comment about solved.phph - if your site is using Message Templates now (MESSAGE_TEMPLATES_ENABLED=1), instead of Mail Scripts (which is mid-deprecation), then you can go to the Contact Emails > Incident Solved message to edit directly. Most of the email message can be easily modified, directly from the Message Template editor.

      Thanks again!