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    Mukesh Ranjan
    Calling a Restful webservice with file object in VBCSAnswered
    Topic posted May 2, 2019 by Mukesh Ranjan, tagged JET, REST, UI, Web 
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    Calling a Restful webservice with file object in VBCS
    What are widget available to upload the file from local directory in VBCS? How to initiate a multiform data request type from VBCS to OMC 19A and send the file has form data parameter?

    What are the widgets available to upload the file from the local directory in VBCS? I could not find the option in drag and drop widgets pallet.

    How to initiate the request of content-type multiform data from VBCS to OMC 19A, and send the file as form data parameter in the body of the request.

    Can we also use the drop-down widget in VBCS, and how to add the additional widgets which are available in OJET but they are not available in VBCS.

    Your suggestions would be a great help to me.

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    Duncan Mills

    The first part of creating a file picker is covered in this article:

    Your use case then differs that rather than reading the file locally in JavaScript you want to pass the same file object to a REST endpoint.  However, it would be the same file object that gets passed as the body of the POST request.