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    Santhosh Kumar
    Scope hyperlink is not enabled for my User Id
    Topic posted September 13, 2017 by Santhosh KumarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited September 13, 2017, tagged Financials, HCM, Other, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management, Public Sector, Sales, SCM, Security, Tip 
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    Scope hyperlink is not enabled for my User Id
    Scope hyperlink is not enabled for my User Id

    I am trying to assign business unit function but it errors with message ' You are not assigned a business id', ' Scope is not selected' etc. We are on R13 and I expected to see this working as normal and no separate setup needed.

    Because of this am not able to assign Inventory Management, Order Management, Manufacturing business functions to the BU

    Any pointers appreciated




    • Ba Kwon

      How are you navigating in FSM? The easiest way is to search top task "define business units". Then select scope for task "Assign Business Unit Business Functions", select BU and click Apply and Go to Task. I assume you have application implementation consultant job role.

      • Santhosh Kumar

        I was searching to add order management and inventory management business functions to BU, but found these are replaced with Sales and Materials Management in R13

        The issue is now resolved, Thanks