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    Sam Zhang
    Add project team member across business unit
    Topic posted November 15, 2018 by Sam Zhang, tagged Project Costing, Project Resource Management 
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    Add project team member across business unit
    Add project team member across business unit

    Hi all,

    My question is:

    1) Is it possible to add project team member across business unit?

    2) If 1 does, can we allow them to submit timecard of this project? How to do it?

    3) If 2 does, how is the costing process between different business unit?





    • Wallace Bartlett

      Recently had similar requirement to add a large volume of Team Members to templates and/or existing Projects. I found nothing to achieve what you are asking. Perhaps you or someone could create an FBDI type sheet to upload those?

      The costing process wouldn't change in and of itself but the SLA should be considered and cross-charge if used.

      Team Members are a long standing project control and is a living list that supports project security. That said I repeatedly see requirements where loading team members would be helpful.

    • Anunay Sinha


      Can you elaborate what do you mean by "add team members across business units"? If you're looking for a way to upload large volume of team members to projects/ project templates spanning across different business units, then you can do so using the following alternatives:

      1. Import Projects FBDI:
      Latest 18C template -

      Multiple project team members can be added to multiple projects, but only while creating the projects. Once, the projects are created, you CAN'T use this template to load incremental team members.

      2. Project Team Members REST API:
      Latest 18C API:

      This API can be used to load multiple team members to multiple projects, while both during project creation or incrementally on existing projects.

      You can also, update and delete the team members, as needed, using this API.

      To answer your 2nd and 3rd questions,
      Yes, once the team members are loaded into the application, they can use Oracle Time and Labor to fill their time cards and interface the approved time entries to Project Costing.

      The costs can be imported into Project costing by indivual BUs or multiple BUs all at once, by providing appropriate parameters to the Import Costs process (

      You can use FBDI templates to load these costs manually if you use a third party time entry application. (