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    Lorna Rickett
    Web channel doesn't show response but tester does
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by Lorna RickettSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Bots 
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    Web channel doesn't show response but tester does
    Web channel doesn't show response but tester does


    I use a custom component to retrieve info from Oracle Service Cloud using:


    If I have only one row returned the dialog is fine; if I have multiple then it works in the skill tester but NOT in the web channel. I just get an empty response (it's populating a CommonResponse).

    In the skill tester I get a validation error saying it references an unknown variable... but it does populate when testing it.

    What am I doing wrong? I don't change the json response from the REST api.





    • Grant Ronald

      it might be that the CRC does not have an action - if you miss this off, the CRC doesn't render on the web channel

    • Lorna Rickett

      Hi Grant,

      I do have actions on the CRC. The error I see on validation is:


      The component System.CommonResponse property metadata value {"responseItems":[{"visible":{"expression":true},"name":"Device Matches","separateBubbles":true,"text":"I have found the following devices:","type":"text"},{"visible":{"expression":false},"name":"More devices","separateBubbles":false,"text":"Some more matches for your prefix:","type":"text"},{"cardLayout":"vertical","cards":[{"iteratorVariable":"deviceDetails","rangeStart":"${cardsRangeStart}","imageUrl":"https://${system.config.oscHost}${deviceDetails[6]}","name":"DeviceOption","description":"Is this your device?","title":"${deviceDetails[1]}","rangeSize":"4","actions":[{"payload":{"variables":{"deviceDetailsModel":"${deviceDetails[1]}","deviceDetailsType":"${deviceDetails[2]}","deviceDetailsSupportSoftware":"${deviceDetails[3]}","deviceDetailsFaq":"${deviceDetails[4]}","deviceDetailsPrefix":"${deviceDetails[0]}","deviceDetailsEol":"${deviceDetails[5]}","deviceDetailsImage":"${deviceDetails[6]}"},"action":"deviceFound"},"name":"Order","label":"This is my device","type":"postback"}]}],"name":"Options","type":"cards","actions":[{"visible":"<#if cardsRangeStart?number+4 < deviceDetails.value?size>true<#else>false<\/#if>","payload":{"variables":{"cardsRangeStart":"${cardsRangeStart?number+4}"},"action":"more"},"label":"More Devices","type":"postback"}]}],"globalActions":[{"visible":{"expression":true},"payload":{"action":"deviceNotFound"},"name":"deviceNotFound","label":"My device is not listed","type":"postback"}]} references an unknown variable deviceDetails[6].

      On web I see 'I have found the following devices:' and then the button 'My device is not listed' but nothing in between. On the skill tester I see everything though.