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    Shylaja Shetty
    How to use "Raise an Event" action rule on...Answered
    Topic posted August 14, 2019 by Shylaja ShettyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    How to use "Raise an Event" action rule on inspection plan
    How to use "Raise an Event" action rule on inspection plan

    Hi Team,


    As per Quality Manual the action rule "Raise an Event: On saving the inspection, a business event triggers which you can leverage to call a service or API.", but when setting up the Action Rule and adding the "Raise and event" the only thing that we can see is "This action has no parameters" and it seems that this option is not doing anything.

    How can we for example use the "Raise an Event" action to call an API? In a business case, depending on the result of the inspection we can maybe create a rework order calling a API for this or even create a maintenance work order.





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    Melanie Grosser

    Hi Shylaja,

    As you noted, no additional data is required if the action selected is “Raise a Business Event”.  The event is available in Integrated Cloud Service(ICS), which is the Oracle standard service used to handle business events/integrations. You will be able to enable a subscription to the Quality Inspection event and call an API or service of your choosing.  I suggest that you look at the documentation for ICS.