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    Jagan Bakkiyanathan
    Supplier Item Number in Min Max created requisition
    Topic posted December 19, 2018 by Jagan BakkiyanathanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition 
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    Supplier Item Number in Min Max created requisition
    The supplier Item number should be printed in Min Max requisition

    Hi Team

    We have configured the Supplier Item number in PIM.

    But when ever we run min max and requisition and PO is created the Supplier Item number is not populated



    • Mohanish Mahajan


      If you have an agreement in place(for pricing and automation purpose), you can capture supplier item number on the agreement line. Should default when PO is created.



      • Jagan Bakkiyanathan

        For Min Max planing the requisition is created with out BPA

        How to populate the supplier item number

        • Mohanish Mahajan

          Hi Jagan, I think first supplier needs to be defaulted, without which supplier item would not really have any meaning.

          You can try setting up an ASL. If that does not help, i think BPA will be the only option.