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    Alan Shepherd
    Procurement OTBI Dashboards
    Topic posted May 17, 2018 by Alan ShepherdRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited May 21, 2018, tagged Fusion Financial reporting, Fusion Procurement reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Procurement OTBI Dashboards
    ERP Procurement OTBI Reports and Dashboards uploaded for the Community

    Sharing a procurement to pay dashboard with multiple tabs containing example reports displaying typical areas of interest within the procurement arena.

    Reports include the following:

    General procurement spend data

    Procurement performance reports

    Example of drivers for Sourcing

    Inflight Sourcing activity monitoring

    Example of a Transactional Contract Register, with parameters

    Enterprise Contracts Register

    Then a couple for showing requisition activity, open purchase orders and retrospective purchase orders.

    A dashboard for supplier invoicing

    Supplier performance, focusing on transactional elements

    Supplier qualification management subject areas are used to surface a view of supplier data and activities.


    I have attached an MP4 to show the reports in operation  Please see link:

    Enjoy Alan





    • Shakher Sharma


      Thanks for sharing! It should be really helpful for everyone.

    • Sameh Soliman

      thank you for sharing

    • Marybeth Snodgrass

      Love the video visual.

      The folder  "/shared/custom/procurement/otbi Dashboards/_filters" is not included when .cat file is unarchived, nor is it shown in the folder path. 

      This causes the analyses with filter "Procurement filter" included to show as an error out because this saved filter cannot be found. 
      An example of this is analysis "6_PO_Spend_by_Top_Categories_v3"

      Also, there are a handful content referenced in certain dashboard tabs that do not exist in the .cat file (ex: Overdue PO Amount by Supplier on the Supplier Performance tab.

      Do you have any idea why the filters folder and other content listed in the dashboard tabs were not included in the .cat file? Could you try re-upload an updated .cat file with all folders included (perhaps enabling "show hidden items" box is required?)



    • Alan Shepherd

      Hi Mary,


      I have uploaded the catalogue file for you to try again.  Not really sure why the filters are missing, it appears others have been ok.  Give this a go and let me know how you get on.



      • Marybeth Snodgrass

        Awesome, that fixed it!

        There's one additional thing that I ran into. A few of the analyses were not in the file either. Any possibility that these were set to hidden in the properties, or possibly they are located in a folder and referencing a folder path outside of Procurement > OTBI Dashboards?

        Instances of this are:

        • Supplier Performance tab
          • Overdue PO Amount 
          • Overdue PO Details
        • Contracts tab
          • Contract Amount by Supplier
          • Contract Expiration Report
        • Open Purchase Order tab
          • Open Purchase Order Report 2
          • Open POs Prompt
        • Sourcing - Activity tab
          • Negotiation Savings Analysis


        Thanks so much for sharing this content and quick response1




    • Richard Lang

      Hi Alan,


      How do I upload this catalog into my environment and get these dash boards to work?

    • Xavier Cuinier

      Amazing work Alan !



    • Meshack Rakumakoe

      Thank you.