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    Hans van Zoolingen
    Projects screen collumns common setup
    Topic posted December 7, 2018 by Hans van Zoolingen, tagged Project Costing, Project Management, Project Performance Reporting, Project Planning & Scheduling, Project Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting 
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    Projects screen collumns common setup
    How to fix on screen collumn settings for all users


    One can alter collumns presented on screen all through Fusion as a user. But is it possible to preset and fix collumns presented on screen as an admin for all users?

    For projects we have a great need for altering the standard setup which now show several collumns we do not use, and various collumns we need are hidden by default. This is the case in the UI for managing project budget, project forecast, analyzing performance. Practically everywhere. Would be a great help for my 80+ projectmanagers if I could preset a different set up.

    I tried using a sandbox but the changes I made in column setup were not made common after publishing (like you can for changing appearance). Can anyone help me or guide me to Oracle Docs where this is explained?

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards


    Oracle Fusion Cloud R13-18b