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    Lukas Krocek
    "RNT is not defined" error on prod
    Topic posted February 22, 2012 by Lukas KrocekGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited March 28, 2012 
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    "RNT is not defined" error on prod


    once upgraded to Nov 2011 RN CX, I started to struggle with weird error I get under certain circumstances. I provide step-by-step simulation so you can clearly understand, what and when is going on.

    • right now, all works in Production and Development, no files in Stage waiting for promotion
    • I publish some changed files from Development to Stage
    • in this moment, javascript works in Development and Stage, but NOT in Production (gives me an error you can see in attached picture)
    • I promote all changed files from Stage to Production
    • Javascript works fine on Production, dev + stage works as well

    Any ideas what might be the problem? This happens only when there are files on Stage waiting for promotion, otherwise no visible error at all.





    • Kurt Helfrich

       We've run into this a lot with our employees (not customers), and it appears in our case to be related to our proxy.  It only affects IE, never any other browser.  Here's what we tell our users:

      1. Uncheck the proxy option if it is selected.
        1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab.
        2. Uncheck the "Use automatic configuration script" option if it is checked.
          Click OK.
      2. Add * to trusted sites.
        1. Still in the Internet Options, go to the Security tab.
        2. Click the Trusted sites icon.
        3. Click the Sites button.
        4. Uncheck the "Require server verification..." option if it is checked.
        5. Type * in the "Add this website to the zone:" box
        6. Click the Add button.
        7. Click Close, then OK.
      3. Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
      4. Open Internet Explorer and go to the Knowledgebase.
      5. Use Ctrl+F5 to reload the page.

      We also get a lot of "element not found" errors.  RightNow has that covered in answer 2766.  It's generic to IE.

    • Lukas Krocek


      well, as you can see, Javascript error happens to be there in Firefox too -> It is not IE-only bug. What's even weirder - it happens only in production when there are files in Stage awaiting for promotion. Developer or Stage mode works fine every single time.

      Just to be clear - my problem is "RNT not defined" error, not 404-Not found files.

    • Jeremy Watson

      The easiest way to see the changes might be to simply capture the production HTML source before staging your files and immediately afterwards and see where there are changes on that page.

      One thing that I noticed is that RNT is used with some of our deprecated configs (CP_DEPRECATED_CORE, in this case, I think).  Are you attempting to switch that config from one value to another during the stage?


    • Lukas Krocek

      Hi James,

      I did some research as you adviced (compare codes before and after staging), and it did help in finding out the problem.

      #1 - When there are no files in stage, production works fine. Autoload.js is loaded properly, so RNT namespace is defined.
      #2 - I published some files from dev to stage, and checked production again. At this point, location where "autoload.js" is loaded from, changed. It's been trying to load javascript from staging folder to production website. I can't see the point of mixing up together PROD and STAGE data, it's totally against idea of having separate, "pre-prod", stage. Autoload.js file is missing on that location, so it could not be loaded, and therefore, RNT namespace is not defined. It ends up at "RNT not defined" error I reported in the first place.
      #3 - I promoted all files from stage to production. At this point, Autoload.js on prod is loaded correctly again and everything works just fine.

      Attached picture with Firebug should explain.

    • rodger rio

      The behavior you are describing has been identified as a bug. It will be fixed in our May 2012 version and beyond. We will investigate including the fix in service packs for prior versions.