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    Manuel Puyana
    BIP Security: How to Grant Selective Access to Creating and...
    Announcement posted August 18, 2014 by Manuel PuyanaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged BI, Financials, PPM, Procurement, SCM 
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    BIP Security: How to Grant Selective Access to Creating and Editing Data Models

    This document provides an overview on securing the privilege to create and edit Business Intelligence Publisher data models


    To create new content with the Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP), users need to have the BI Author application role, which grants them permission to create and edit reports and data models. Some organizations desire to grant the privilege to create and edit data models only to a subset of the users that can create reports. This document outlines how to implement this requirement, minimizing the impact on existing security group memberships. 

    Download the attached document for a detailed use case, solution, and implementation steps.




    • Falk von Rönn

      Is this as well available for Cloud Customers? I have the Impression not.

    • Saurabh Sonkusare


      Oracle Fusion cloud customers do not have access to web logic middle tier. I think this document is targeted specifically for OBIEE only.


    • Mien Lin Tan

      So is it confirmed whether this document is ONLY for on-premise only?  Don't want to pass this doc to a Cloud customer when it's not relevant to them.  Thanks.

    • Christina Goller


      how can I give the BI Authors role to a user?