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    Iqbal Merchant
    Workbench data excel extraction for 12 months data in one...
    Topic posted November 8, 2019 by Iqbal MerchantGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Data Export / Import, EPM Automate, Request Changes, Tip 
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    Workbench data excel extraction for 12 months data in one button as an option
    12 months workbench excel extraction in one button

    Hi All,

    I know for sure those who all are working in DM, they do face this dilemma of data extraction from the workbench. We all want to extract workbench data sometime or the else and if the data is too long, the wait is sometime nerve wracking and when you have to extract for all 12 months then it becomes terrible. Now imagine there are multiple of such location and multiple years. Ohh thats awful experience. I have a terrible experience with this, every time client makes a mistake in historical period in department or position mappings, they re-load the data again and we have to keep extracting them time after time after time. This becomes really cubbersome activity.and the really fun working with DM vanishes. If there could be this feature where we can extract all the 12 months data in 12 month wise files files names being MMM-YY that will solve 50 % of this problem, though we will still have to change years and change locations after location to extract each 12 months data but this will still be bearable activity then the feeling of being completely alone in the DM world doing repetitive task again and again of downloading month after month location after location and year after year and scenario after scenario and revision after revision. Please help me out with this feature.

    Thank you 

    Iqbal M