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    Alberto Sobalvarro
    Add DFF Dependency at 3th level for Inventory organization...
    Topic posted July 4, 2019 by Alberto SobalvarroGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged How-To, Inventory Cloud, Setup 
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    Add DFF Dependency at 3th level for Inventory organization parameters
    I am trying to add new descriptive flexfileds to inventory organization parameters wich are dependent at 3th level, is that possible?

    I am trying to add the following descriptive flexfields to an inventory organization parameters:

       1st level - Independent  -    Region

       2nd level - Dependent    -    Zone         , depending of Region

       3th level - Dependent     -    Subzone   , depending of Zone

    When I try to associate the dependent DFF "Subzone", the system only shows independent DFFs as "Region"; but I need to associate to "Zone" wich i can´t  make it possible... Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    • William Brand

      Hi Alberto,

      The flex field behavior is centrally owned by the Applcore team. Unfortunately our product team doesn't have any control over the behavior that you're seeing.

      I've spoken to them, and was given a quick answer that it is possible. You have to use table validated value sets, and use bind variables in the where clause to reference prior segments.  If you have additional questions about this suggested approach, I'd recommend using Support to assist in getting more specifics from the Applcore team.