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    Boyuan Zhu
    How to Exchange Messages through Oracle Supplier Network...
    Topic posted July 29, 2019 by Boyuan ZhuGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited July 29, 2019, tagged How-To, Orders, Supplier Communication, Web Services 
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    How to Exchange Messages through Oracle Supplier Network Using a Web Service

    You can now set up Collaborative Messaging Framework to exchange messages with your suppliers through Oracle Supplier Network (OSN) using a web service. Routing messages using a web service simplifies message exchange between Fusion Applications and OSN. Messages will no longer be routed through Oracle B2B and you will not need to do any setup in Oracle B2B. This guide covers the configuration you need to perform in Fusion Applications and OSN to support message exchange using a web service. 

    Fusion Applications setup (needed for outbound messages)

    1. In the Manage Collaboration Service Provider task, select the OracleSN or OracleSNTest service provider. 
    2. If you are updating your test pod: 
      1. Select the ORA_B2BMessageTestService delivery method.
      2. Set the endpoint to https://osn.oracle.com/HTTPService/ProcessSOAPCollaborationMessage
      3. User Name: The buyer account user name that was used for the HTTP connection
      4. Password: The buyer account password that was used for the HTTP connection
    3. If you are updating your production pod, follow the same steps in 2, but set the endpoint to https://osn-prod.oracle.com/HTTPService/ProcessSOAPCollaborationMessage
    4. In the Outbound Collaboration Messages tab, change the status of all messages to “Inactive”, then update the Delivery Method from ORA_OracleSNOneWayHTTP to ORA_B2BMessageTestService. Note that this step is not applicable for new customers. 
    5. Change the status of all outbound messages to Active (applicable for all customers).

    Oracle Supplier Network setup (needed for inbound messages)

    1. Login as the buyer to OSN and select Messaging Setup. 
    2. Under Communication Parameters, add a new SOAP Service delivery method 
    3. Specify the endpoint URL for the service that Oracle Supplier Network will invoke to send messages to the Collaboration Messaging Framework. The URL is https://<host>/soa-infra/services/default/CmkCollaborationMessagingInboundServiceComposite/CollaborationMessageServiceV2. Replace <host> with the appropriate values from your test and production pod.
    4. Specify a user name and password for your test and production pods. Note that the user specified here must be a valid Fusion user and must have the Invoke Collaboration Message Inbound Service privilege (CMK_INVOKE_INBOUND_COLLAB_DOC_SERVICE_PRIV) in the respective pod.
    5. Once you have specified the appropriate values, select Submit. The dialog is closed and the Communication Parameters table now shows the newly added delivery method.
    6. In the Transaction Management table, edit the Transactions with “Receive” action – these are the ones that OSN is going to send to Fusion Applications. If you are a new customer setting up OSN for the first time, this table will not have any records. Update the delivery method to the new method you created. 


    EditOSN.png (127KB)



    • Judy Hamner

      We are testing this process change and are receiving an error when importing invoices from OSN using the web service.  The error I am receiving is:

      XHUB-5025  Error occured while invoking receiver SOAP service

      The target enspoint may be down or there is some setup issue

      Ensure that the endpoint is up and also verify the setup at the target environment is correct.

      Our TEST instance url is:  https://ecxh-test.fa.us2.oraclecloud.com

      I didn't see that there was any configuration required in CMK for inbound messages.  Can  you help me determine what I am missing?



    • Boyuan Zhu

      Does the user provided have CMK_INVOKE_INBOUND_COLLAB_DOC_SERVICE_PRIV? 

      Did you update the Delivery Method to "Collaboration SOAP Service" for the transactions with "Receive" action in the Transaction Management table? 

    • Judy Hamner

      I was told that I have the privilege since I have the Procurement Application Administrator Role.  Would there be an issue if I am using a SSO User Name and Password on the set up?  I can change that to a non-SSO value.

      I did up date the Delivery Method to Collaboration SOAP Service: