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    Incorrect Requested Delivery Date display in Requisition...
    Topic posted August 3, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence - BI, How-To, Requisition Processing 
    Incorrect Requested Delivery Date display in Requisition PDF: How to resolve?
    The Requisition PDF is displaying a requested delivery date that is different than the actual date on the requisition. This article addresses a workaround

    Customers / Support

    Please review this article if you have similar issues:


    The customer in this case reported an incorrect date being displayed in the Requisition PDF. On further analysis, support provided the following details:

    This issue occurs when the customer user has set the User Preferences > Date Format to "dd-MM-yy".

    While we address this as a bug fix in a future release, development did suggest that the customers may use the following as a fix in the interim:


    Customize the template to show correct date : 
    1. Open the Requisition RTF template to customize
    2. Edit the property for 'Requested Delivery Date' field as below:

    • Existing: <?format-date:FormattedNeedByDate; 'XDODEFDATE'?> 
    • Proposed Change: <?FormattedNeedByDate?> 

    This should resolve the issue and display the right date in the Requisition PDF.