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    Rain Tsui
    OTBI Dashboard to search purchase orders and drill down to...
    Topic posted September 30, 2019 by Rain TsuiRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence, How-To, Orders, OTBI 
    OTBI Dashboard to search purchase orders and drill down to view purchase order details
    OTBI Dashboard for Line of Business Users or AP Specialists to search purchase orders and drill down to view purchase orders using deep links

    Purchasing has released a new "Search and View Purchase Order Information as Line of Business Users" feature in 19D that allows Line of Business Users or AP Specialists to view purchase order details from OTBI or BIP reports using deep links.  The following is a sample OTBI dashboard that allows user to search purchase orders and drill down to view purchase order details.





    You can download the report and modify it to meet your business needs: 

    1. Download the catalog file attached to this post
    2. Within the BI Catalog, locate the folder where you want to locate this dashboard, e.g. Shared Folders>Custom>Procurement
    3. Unarchive the catalog file and you will see a new folder called “Search Purchase Orders
    4. Expand the folder
    5. Edit the “Search Purchase Orders”.  You will notice that all the content is in error because you have not placed it in exactly the same location that I had it in.  You must locate the unarchived content in the catalog on the left and drag and drop the correct objects into the dashboard, removing the ones in error as you do so
    6. The drill paths from the dashboard analytics will also not be pointing to their correct paths, so while still editing the dashboard, for each analytic, click on the Properties icon and select “Edit Analysis”, move to the “Criteria” tab and edit the “Column Properties” on the measure.  Open the “Interaction” tab, click on the action links row and then on the edit pencil icon.  Click on the more icon (>>) and select “Edit Action”.  Browse for the correct drill report and select it.  Click OK three times.  Click the save icon and then “Return to Search Purchase Orders” and then edit the dashboard again to repeat this until all the drill reports are set up.
    7. Save the dashboard and run it


    To enable the deep link, please see Navigate to Purchasing Transactions from Reports which includes setup details for enabling deep link and how to enable a line of business user or AP specialist to view purchase orders via deep link.



    • If you cannot view the ordered amount, currency, change the Currency setting under My Account to Entered Currency or Ledger Currency for desired currency view.
    • If an additional search attribute or result column is needed, modify the corresponding Search Attributes and Search Results. 
    • If you need to let both AP Specialists and Line of Business Users to search and drill down to purchase orders, create two dashboards, each one with the corresponding deep link enabled.