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    Arvind Moorthy
    EPM Cloud - DB Encyrption Keys questions
    Topic posted October 13, 2019 by Arvind MoorthyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Security / Infrastructure 
    EPM Cloud - DB Encyrption Keys questions
    EPM Cloud - DB Encyrption Keys questions


    With the September release the EPMAutomate commands/REST API to deploy their own key was added, and documented for EPM Cloud components ( as below). 

    a) EPMAUtomate - setEncryptionKey and setManualDataAccess commands added 

    b) REST APIs - 

    However we have the questions on the same, needing more details. 

    1. Is there any impact on activating this, i.e. when activated/key is set, is there a performance hit as the system needs to re-encrypt the database ? 
    2. What is the support impact on using this, if RBS raises an SR does this mean RBS has to either reset the key or release the key to Oracle before any access to the database can occur ? 
    3. Are any enhancements planned for this (i.e. making it a UI function etc) 
    4. Can we use the EPMAutomate commands mentioned and REST APIs for EPRCS also? 
    5. How does Oracle ensure the keys are not accessed/stored after RBS sets them using the REST APIs /EPMAutomate commands?