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    Dev Thota
    Auto Create Receipt in Fusion Oracle Procurement?
    Topic posted September 26, 2018 by Dev ThotaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Agreement Loader, Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Budget/Encumbrance, Business Intelligence - BI, Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Internal Material Transfer, Inventory Cloud, Manage Procurement Catalog, Public Sector, Requisition Import, Requisition Mobile, Requisition Processing, Requisition Web Services, Setup, Tip, Update Preparer and Requester, White Paper 
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    Auto Create Receipt in Fusion Oracle Procurement?
    Auto Create Receipt in Fusion Oracle Procurement?


    We have 100POs we don't need to create 100 receipts manually.

    Is there any option like run scheduled job to create automatically.


    Dev Thota.



    • Ashok

      Receiving experts,

      Is this something that you can answer. Else, I will move it back to Procurement.

    • Swami Amajala

      I dont think we have an automated way to complete receipt out of box. We have a similar requirement where we have to automatically complete receipt for POs less than certain dollar amount. We have to create extension and use web service to confirm receipt, it will be a scheduled process to run overnight everyday. Hope this helps.

    • Gopalakrishna Bulasala


      You can try the option of calling Receipt Webservice.

      Call the WS for the set of Input POs by calling it from ICS. We are planning to use the same for one of our requirements.


      https://<<Cloud Server>>:443/fscmService/ProcessorServiceV2

    • Sunny Todkari

      Webservice is a good option for this one.

      For some reasons, if you don't want to use webservice, you can use FBDI approach in which you can create the data in FBDI template once and upload the data at one time for number of receipts.