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    Dhruval Patel
    MCS and MAX
    Topic posted March 2, 2017 by Dhruval PatelBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited June 19, 2017 
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    MCS and MAX
    MCS and MAX


    I am using Mobile application accelerator(MAX) to create an application using MCS backend and custom API.

    I am new in this field and never worked before with Oracle services.

    My problem is after designing app in MAX when I tried to TEST the application, It asks for the Application user test account.

    I don't know how to create one. When I go through the documentation, it says to ask an administrator. But, In my company, no one knows that and everybody is learning in this field for the first time.

    Please help me to go through.


    Dhruval Patel




    • Dhruval Patel

      Hi Amey,

      Thanks for the reply.

      I have already been through this page. And it did create new user who can open MCS. 

      So I have created following app.


      But now when I try to test this application it asks for the following account.


      And the user account I created using that username this doesn't allow me to test application.

      can you help me please to create this account?

    • Amey G

      Hello Dhruval,

      Please don't share you contact details on community. Please refer below document to create user.



    • Chris Muir

      Hi Dhruval

      When you first log into MCS, you might note you first login through the Oracle Public Cloud websites which takes you to the CLOUD My Services dashboard.  Note top right the button "Users".

      It's from that button that you create new users.  In creating a user who is exclusively a test user for MAX, you should allocate them the "<environment> Mobile Business User" role where <environment> is the name of your MCS instance.

      Note the user will then be emailed a temporary password, and you can use this user and temporary password to login to MAX in the screen you referred, or first you can reset the password via the links supplied in the email, then use the user and new password to login to MAX.



    • Dhruval Patel

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you very much for the reply.

      I did try this with existing my account and it stopped opening me MCS page. when I did select Mobile Portal Instance I was directly opening MAX and still was not allowing me to open application user account with the same login credentials.

      So I create a new account and add Mobile Business user role and then after resetting password I tried to use this new login credential to test my created application in existing account. But, It is still not working.

      Thanks again,


    • Chris Muir

      Hi Dhruval, with apologies I've given you the wrong directions.

      For the test mobile user, the only role they require is default.  Indeed you can create this user in MCS, and they will automatically appear in the OPC users with the default role.

      The role I mentioned, as you've discovered, is for users who will build MAX applications.

      Apologies for the mistake.


    • Dhruval Patel

      Hello Chris,

      No problem.

      I have already tried to create a user from "Mobile User Management" in MCS. It didn't work too.

      Could you provide me step by step direction with screenshot, please?



    • Chris Muir

      It's actually no more difficult than I'm describing.  What error are you getting in the MAX tester when you attempt to login as the user with the temporary password?


    • Dhruval Patel

      The information you entered is incorrect.

    • Chris Muir

      Looks to be you've raised this issue with Oracle Support.  They will be able to assist you further by running a webex and looking at what you've actually setup in terms of users.  I'm hamstrung on the forums as I can't ask you to post details of your user accounts.


    • Dhruval Patel

      Thank you very much, Chris, for help.

      I have figured it out.

    • Sridhar Gupta

      I have the similar issue, not sure what is the resolution.

      Can you please provide.



    • Chris Muir

      There's two issues here:

      1) Firstly when creating the user, if created under MCS they will have

      been allocated the "Default" role. If you instead created the user

      under Oracle Cloud, you need to specifically allocate this role to the

      user yourself.

      2) If when logging in you have the "Save test user" checkbox ticked, the

      same user needs to be allocated the "Mobile Security Configuration" role

      from Oracle Cloud too.



      Chris Muir | Oracle Mobility and Development Tools Product Management