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    Widget css production/development not shared
    Topic posted October 3, 2008 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 by Dietrik Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Widget css production/development not shared
    I noticed that the sharing of the css files between production and development doesn't seem to include all widget css files  (in this case the css/widgets/standard/field/Display.css file). It took me a while to figure out why my css changes wouldn't show up. Only after deploying the pages the css file was changed. I this normal behaviour ?



    • Ernie Turner
      Yes this is normal. During the deploy operation we go and find all of the individual widget CSS files and combine them into one. Then we take that CSS and write it out to the page. This was done for performance reasons so that we weren't including numerous external stylesheets while in production.
    • Dietrik
      Ok, thanks , once you know it, it does have it's advantages for testing the styles.