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    Ashok P
    How do I get the count of user sessions?
    Topic posted April 3, 2013 by Ashok P 
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    How do I get the count of user sessions?

    We are accessing answer pages hosted on the customer portal through mobile devices via the browser and would like to understand how usage with direct access to answer pages affects the session count which is taken into account for billing.

    From what we understand the session for web page views is managed by cookies in the browser (and cookies are enabled in our case, both in the browser and the CP configuration) and the session timeout is 15 minutes. We tried to validate this by monitoring the 'cp_session' cookie on the device between page views and the value for that cookie changes with each page view - so this doesn't seem to be a session identifier alone and seems to be tracking more info.

    Is there a report available that will show the current session count - so that we can verify the actual session counts with each page access from the mobile device and make sure answer pages access from the same device re-use the session (until the timeout occurs)?

    RightNow CX November 2011 (Build 133) SP6


    • Chris van Es

      The problem is that the information on License Compliance Dashboard is only total value's and not split on interface or more detail information. 

      The Customer Success Manager can run/sent a report with more detailed information. Why can't we do this ourselfs?



    • Dietrik

      That's a good question i've also asked a number of times..

      The info is supposed to be available in the stats table but the fields are not made visible in Analytics.

      All other session data is available, detailed session reports per interface can be made, only without the number of billable sessions.

    • Chethana KM
      We have the same requirement of fetching the billable session count for Customer portal. Is there any update on this feature?

      Please suggest.