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    Ashok P
    How do I get the count of user sessions?
    Topic posted April 3, 2013 by Ashok P 
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    How do I get the count of user sessions?

    We are accessing answer pages hosted on the customer portal through mobile devices via the browser and would like to understand how usage with direct access to answer pages affects the session count which is taken into account for billing.

    From what we understand the session for web page views is managed by cookies in the browser (and cookies are enabled in our case, both in the browser and the CP configuration) and the session timeout is 15 minutes. We tried to validate this by monitoring the 'cp_session' cookie on the device between page views and the value for that cookie changes with each page view - so this doesn't seem to be a session identifier alone and seems to be tracking more info.

    Is there a report available that will show the current session count - so that we can verify the actual session counts with each page access from the mobile device and make sure answer pages access from the same device re-use the session (until the timeout occurs)?

    RightNow CX November 2011 (Build 133) SP6


    • Lawrence Morrisroe


      How are Sessions tracked?

      Billable Sessions are tracked during the interval of time beginning when an end user accesses the Web Portal and ends when the end user logs out or navigates off the Web Portal. Each fifteen minute period during this interval is counted as a billable session. The end user interaction will be considered a visit which can span one or more billable sessions in which there may be one or more hits.

      How are Sessions calculated?

      A Session begins when:

      ·       End user hits a Oracle RightNow Customer Portal URL through a browser (desktop, mobile or CX for Facebook), provided that there is not an active session already associated to the consumer interaction.

      ·       End user hits a non-Oracle RightNow hosted URL for a page that includes one or more Oracle RightNow syndicated widgets or the Intent Guide overlay and the consumer interacts with any of the components that we deliver on the page (clicks a link, asks a question, does a search, accepts a chat invite, etc.).

      A Session ends when:

      ·       End user closes all browser instances associated to a session.

      ·       Session expires (15 -minutes from the start of the session).

      ·       End User leaves Oracle RightNow Customer Portal pages and one or more of the following applies:

      o    Consumer has cookies disabled on their browser.

      o    Customer Portal is configure to not set cookies (CP_COOKIES_ENABLED=False).

      ·       End user leaves a non-RightNow hosted page containing syndicated widgets or the Intent Guide overlay and has cookies disabled on their browser.

      ·       VISIT_MAX_TIME is exceeded.

      ·       The Web Visit expires due to inaction (VISIT_INACTIVITY_TIMEOUT is exceeded.

    • david fulton


      Not sure if Lawrence's response answered your question clearly - but hopefully it gives you the metrics that you need to do some testing as to how our behaviors match that model. The use case that you are attempting here (mapping mobile activity to discrete sessions/visits) isn't something we make easy today, although there are projects in the works to make that easier going forward.

      Some of the data you are looking for is tracked in clickstreams within the product. Note that just because of the volume of data that gets tracked and aggregated in order to calculate sessions, only a small part of that is done within the product itself (clickstreams itself is regularly overwritten) - the sheer volume of interactions that are used in session calculation has become more of an offline process within some of the backend scripts that process usage logs - DQA being our primary engine - so any attempt to track individual sessions through the browser or analytics would prove to be difficult (sessions being calculated offline not created/instantiated in the browser). We've been working on an architecture for storage and processing of this kind of information over the last year that makes this information a little easier to report on, initially for compliance purposes and we are hoping in the not so distant future, within the product itself, allowing you greater visibility into user behavior and context (mobile phone, tablet etc).

    • Hans

      Hi Dave,

      Do you have more news on this topic since it has been a while ago? I'm also interested.

      Thanks in advance,



    • david fulton

      Hey Hans,

      No new news I'm afraid - we continue to extend our instrumentation capabilities *outside* of the product but haven't yet exposed those to the analytics solution within the product. Its certainly not for lack of interest from you and other customers, just a bunch of competing priorities I'm afraid. 

      It may be possible to ask your Oracle Account Manager for some of the historical session data, which they can access as part of the compliance process through an internal tool referred to as CSI. That won't give you the mobile <-> non-mobile split that Ashok was interested in, but it should at least give you raw data to review. 

      The other choice - and my recommendation -  (certainly for customers not just interested in snapshots but wanting to do some real-time analysis) is to use a web analytics tool like Google Analytics, Webtrends etc. Embedding a trackable javascript element within each CP page will allow you to get a rich understanding of how customers use your online service experience.  Lawrence talked to how we measure and qualify sessions in his answer. By applying similar metrics and definitions you might be able to get a rough but workable understanding of a mobile vs desktop browser split over time, as well as answer other questions on usage that your organizations are asking of you. 


    • Hans

      Hi Dave,


      Many thanks for your update. I will take over your recommendations and try to see if we can get more information with help of Google Analytics or a similar tracking tool. Besides that I think it's also worthwhile to ask for CSI results to compare data.


      Best regards,


    • Matt Rateliff

      Does anyone know how to create a report that shows up to date billable session information? We recently redesigned our website and have seen a huge increase in traffic. The problem is, the license compliance dashboard only updates once a month with daily session activity. I would like to create a report in RightNow that I can have emailed to me daily, but so far have not been able to track down the correct information. In some places it's referred to as a session and others it's referred to as a visit. Neither of these line up with the information contained on the license compliance dashboard found in My Site Tools.

      I've searched for two weeks and see a lot of people asking the same question, but no one has posted a clear answer on how to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated.

    • Lisa Wells

      I would like to second Matt's request for clear instructions on how to create a report that shows billable session data.

    • Jordi Merejo

      I would like to second Lisa's request for clear instructions on how to create a report that shows billable session data.

    • Mirela Iepure

      Hello everyone.

      I do hope that at some point Oracle will take this request into consideration and offer us a report to see exactly the billable data on each month. Otherwise this License Compliance Dashboard doesn't provide the clear information on each day. So basically all the activity and visits can be seen only in the Google Analytics reports.


    • Chris van Es

      We also like to create a report regarding billable sessions split on different interfaces based on language. The report on the License Compliance Dashboard shows only totals for 1 interface.

      Does anyone knows where the data is stored, so I could create a report that shows this information?

    • Mirela Iepure

      Hello Chris,

      I believe is best to ask directly the Oracle support team about the language section. I am not sure you can extract the number of sessions from the Oracle console in a report.


    • Ketan Chaudhari

      Can anyone give clear instructions on how to create a report that shows billable session data?

      We have also got exact same request from our Client.



    • Dietrik

      Billable sessions can be found on the site compliance pages of the Oracle support site.

    • Danette Beal

      Dietrik is correct!

      If you have credentials to the client's information, you can toggle to My Accounts > License Compliance Dashboard. If you do not have the proper credentials, you will not see it in available. The two biggest details the License Compliance Dashboard will show you is Tier 1 Session burn as well as Agent License consumption. Please be sure to validate when the contract began for the client as the session information will be an aggregate of all consumption since the beginning of the contract cycle.

    • Danette Beal

      Hi Everyone, 

      Please remember, if you have a question and it is not directly related to the post you are reviewing, please start a new thread. This will allow the Community to search for your unique question and allows for one best answer. There are many situations where the use cases may be very closely related and there is a higher value to the Community as a whole to have each as its own conversation.

      If you have any quesiton concerning this, please feel free to reach out to me directly!

      Danette, Community Manager