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    Vikash Sethi
    Drill Through Feature in EPBCS
    Topic posted October 29, 2019 by Vikash SethiSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged EPBCS, Forms 
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    Drill Through Feature in EPBCS
    Drill Through Feature

    Hi EPM Gurus,

    We are planning to use EPBCS by bringing detailed GL as well as Subledger data from Oracle ERP. The purpose of such exercise is to have drillable forms in EPBCS so that users can see detailed accounting information along with other subledger details in a single view. It can be done in ERP but takes too much time and not everything is available in a single form. 

    My question now is for drill to detailed transactions. We got to know that Drill through works only if we have less than 1000 dimension members. Is that correct? We have certain dimensions where we have more than 5000 members. Seems there is an Enhancement request as well?

    Please provide your inputs or guide where to look for.





    • Tony Scalese

      Kudos for reviewing the documentation.  You have a slight misinterpretation.  The 1000 member limit is not how many members you have in the dimension but how many base members are below the parent on which you are drilling.  For example, assume you have a hierarchy that looks like this


           Americas (1000)

           EMEA (2500)

           AsiaPacific (750)

      Your total base members would be 4250.  You could drill from the Americas and AsiaPacific parents because they have <= 1000 base members but you could not drill from the EMEA or All_CostCenters parents.

      Make sense?

      • Vikash Sethi

        Hi Tony,

        Thanks for the response. Let's say we have 1200 members in a dimension with 1 parent only. It would not work because it is exceeding 1000 limit.

        Can I create a new parent sibling and put 999 members in first parent. Remaining members in second (new) parent. Would that help resolve our drill through issue?



    • Dan Wizard

      The 1000 limit is for drilling from summary levels(which means if you do not tick a dimension for Create Drill Region that dimension will be drillable from summary levels if you enabled drill from summary), the summary drill through is limited to 1000 descendant members for that dimension (For example if you activate drill through at combinations that will yield more than 1000 records then drill through will only work on occasions where the limit is not exceeded).


    • Venu Machiraju


      Rather than designing the cube for the limits, it will be useful to the users as well as from performance point of view to design the dimension to be hierarchical with some parents members that can hold the leaf level values. This helps users to easily navigate to the members while picking up members in the UI as well as it will help this drill down situation as well as a hierarchical dimension is best for rollups in essbase.


    • Wayne Paffhausen


      Outside of the statements posted earlier, which are all valid, I would caution the validity of bringing in detailed GL and detailed Subledger.  This quite honestly can be a large amount of data.  There are other things to consider:

      1.  Snapshots/Backups (there are data-limits in the PODs)
      2.  Performance of loading this data
      3.  Performance of calculations / aggregations
      4.  Performance of metadata maintenance
      5.  Performance of the forms/reports that this data will be populating

      Just want to make sure we as a community think about the larger picture.

      Thank you,