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    Paul Fernandez
    How to get the Project Contract invoices (conversion...
    Topic posted September 28, 2019 by Paul FernandezBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Billing & Revenue, Project Contracts 
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    How to get the Project Contract invoices (conversion invoices) in 'Accepted' status without having any impact in AR?
    How to get the Project Contract invoices (conversion invoices) in 'Accepted' status without having any impact in AR?

    Hi All,
    We are trying to convert Project Contract invoices (historic and already paid).
    Standard process is that we Transfer the invoices to AR and run Auto Invoice process in AR and run the Tieback or Confirm Invoice Acceptance Status in Receivables from Projects to make the invoices 'Accepted'. But, since these are conversion invoices, we do not want these to have any impact in AR.

    However, trying to figure out the best way to get the invoices in 'Accepted' status in Projects without having any impact in AR.
    I assume many people have had to do this and gone through this process as part of conversion efforts.

    Some Metalink documents suggest having a web service to update the invoice status to 'Accepted'.
    Can someone suggest the best approach to deal with this.

    Appreciate your feedback.





    • Durgaprasad Mohapatro

      Hi Paul,

      Please follow this guide. This is what followed during my previous conversion. This is if you want the projects invoices in AR.

      PJB: How To Migrate Oracle Fusion Project Billing Invoices And Revenue Data (Doc ID 2410542.1)

      I believe, you are mentioning the below about web services. Havent tried this yet. But seems, like this is a scenario, where you donot actually transfer the project invoice to AR. but, just updating the status.

      How to avoid integration with ERP Cloud Receivables for migrated project contract invoices? (Doc ID 2358065.1)



      • Paul Fernandez


        Thanks for your input. I have reviewed both of those documents and yes, I was referring to the web services from the second document.

        Thanks and regards