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    Quick Tip on using Overriding Approvers to approve...
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals, Tip 
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    Quick Tip on using Overriding Approvers to approve Requisitions
    Quick Tip on using Overriding Approvers to approve Requisitions

    This is a quick tip on how to use Overriding Approver functionality in approving requisitions. I thought my colleague had done well explaining its purpose and function in a simple manner that is worth sharing. So here goes:


    An overriding approver when specified on the requisition, lets the requester the ability to replace the application generated first approver. In cases where the application generated approver is unable to approve a document (e.g they are on leave or temporarily unavailable), requesters can provide an overriding approver to route the document to a different first approver.

    If the requirement is to send the requisition to the overriding approver specified on the requisition, you would need to create the rule as below:s,
    If Overriding approver is not empty, Route Using = Single approver, User Type - Overrding Approver



    • Judy Hamner

      Thank you for this information, Ashok.  Is there some basic documentation on how to set up an Overriding Approver?  I am interested in learning more about that but the last time I researched, the documentation I found said this functionality wasn't supported. 



      Judy Hamner

      • Sumana Sarkar

        Hello Judy,

        On the Configure Requisitioning Business Function set up page, you would need to enable the check box 'Enable Approver Override'. With this the Overriding Approver field will be displayed on the Edit Requisition.

        When creating requisition, if user provides a value for the Overriding Approver field and if there is a requisition approval rule set up as Ashok mentioned above, requisition will be routed to this approver for approval.

        You can find some documentation in the approvals white paper : Setting Up Document Approvals in Oracle Procurement Cloud (Doc ID 2264952.1)

        Thanks and Regards



    • Ashok

      I am not sure there is much documentation around this. Let me see if I can produce some to help. Do give me some time to revert. I will try and provide this early next week.

      • Matthew Mulligan

        Hi Ashok

        Did you manage to pull anything together on this?



        • Ashok

          Hi Mathew

          Apologies. This somehow slipped my radar. I am reviewing it now. Hope to revert very soon.

        • Ashok


          I did some digging. Sumana's explanation above pretty much encapsulates this feature and its function. I checked and there really is no additional documentation that is currently available on this. I am going to figure out if this can be enhanced but we need to work without our documentation experts to see what, if anything, can be written to elaborate on this. I will keep you posted when I have some updates. Sorry I could not be of better help at this time.

          • Matthew Mulligan

            Ok, thanks Ashok.  A question for you on the back of Vineet's question..  When the preparer selects an over-riding approver, the system checks to see if this over-riding approver's job has the authority to approve the value of the requisition.  If they do not have the appropriate authority, it then routes to the over-riding approver's supervisor.

            Is there any way to restrict the cost centre's which each over-riding approver is authorised to approve?



            • Ashok

              Hi Mathew

              That kind of configuration is not currently supported. The design for the overriding approver was initiated with very specific intent. It was meant to be used in exception circumstances and had function that would enable an alternative approval path in such cases. The use case you bring up while seemingly mundane is still not something the Overriding Approver feature was designed for.

    • Vineet Gangwar

      Hi Ashok,

      Is there a way to restrict the LOV of overriding approvers or can we create some approval rules to rejects the requisition if selected overriding approver belongs to a different entity?


      Vineet Gangwar


    • Ashok


      No, there is currently no support for that level of customization.