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    silky yao
    Fraud Account
    Topic posted October 8, 2019 by silky yao, tagged Security 
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    Fraud Account
    Which reason cause cusotmer account terminated by Fraud Account?

    Hi Team.

    These days we received several service requests to report their cloud accounts were terminated as "TERMINATE_FRAUD_ACCOUNT". In the bug, we’re told that “an specific fraud team who make a decision on the account whether is a fraudulent or real account. Cloud Ops does not have visibility on how the decision is made” and asked us to contact with you.
    Would you like to tell us the reasons why some accounts has been terminated as fraud accounts? If we knew the reasons clearly, we support team could answer the customers’ requests directly rather than filing so many bugs. Thank you in advance!



    • Derek Koh


      There are several factors the team consider when deciding if an account is Fraud. If you wish to know the specifics and perhaps why your account has been listed, please raise a SR and our team will provide you with more details.

      Thank you


      • silky yao


        Thanks for your info. Which and where SR should I raise? What product and component should I use? 

        • Derek Koh

          Hi Silky,

          You can raise an SR via MOS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team. Providing the account details and Tenant OCIDs for verification